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Shanty Big Sings

Register for our next Shanty Big Sing.
Here's how:

Open your interface for sending an ordinary email.
For the "To:", put linnphipps@gmail.com
(You can copy from here and paste it there.)
For the "Subject:", put Shanty Big Sing registration
Then for the message text, tell us whether you want to
contribute a song or just listen to the rest of us.

If you intend to contribute a song, it would be helpful if you tell us something about your version,
e.g., the name, and maybe where you learned it.
(Maybe even that you'd like to share more than one version, time permitting.)

NOTE: We're doing the registration in this way because of problems
with the way browsers interface with email.
I.e., they can't always tell what your normal interface is, and
we don't want you to be told that you need to establish a new account.