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Shanty Big Sings - what's next

We invite you to join us for our next Shanty Big Sing.
It will be held on Thursday, 29 June 2023,
beginning at 8pm (20:00) British Time.

Note: This is a change of date.

Owing to just too much going in in our lives at the moment we are postponing the planned Fire Down Below shanty sing originally scheduled for 18 May 2023 until Thursday 29 June 2023.

Our theme will be
"Fire Down Below"

In his books, Jim has found several versions of shanties
with a "Fire Down Below" chorus.
These include several different tunes, and reference to various places
(most, but not all, aboard ship) where "fire" might be discovered.

Now we look forward to seeing what variety others can bring us.

The number of participants
-- both as singers and as non-singing observers in the session --
will necessarily be limited.

The following link should bring you to a page
where you can register to join the session,
whether as a contributor or just to listen (please say which).


Note: If you intend to contribute a song, it would be helpful if when you register
you tell us something about your version, e.g., where you learned it.

Furthermore, we have done some reflection and are renaming our sessions as "Themed Shanty Big Sings". We formerly referred to them as "Single Shanty Big Sings", but there are individual shanties for which there doesn't seem to be enough variety to support an entire Zoom session, yet which might be grouped together under particular "themes".

(This will not preclude a theme being a single shanty if the shanty appears to be of sufficient interest and variety.)

Please check back here from time to time, as we'll be posting further developments when the information is available.